TYM Studio™ partners with companies to develop effective VR/AR training apps, online training apps and visualizations that drive innovation, talent development, and efficient project pipelines.
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We assist corporations with...

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We help our corporate clients in solving a corporate marketing, training, research or education problem using new technology or gamification tactics.

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UI/UX and
3D Visualizations

Our talented  creative team can craft a gorgeous visual system as well as help clients with UI/UX best practices that tie into data-based strategies.

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Learning & Training

We embed best practices powered by behavioral research and user insights in order to create amazing VR and AR experiences aimed at transforming training.


Technology and Media Students
Virtual Reality (VR) Hospital Hostile Training
  • How to empower hospital staff to properly handle a hostile shooter event with knowledge that can provide them with better odds of survival?
  • Houston Methodist Hospital sought to leverage new technology to change the training experience into something repeatable that could be practiced within a live hospital that would not have staff suffer physiological damage.
Educational Instructors
Hospital At-Home care video game
  • The Texas Children's Hospital's oncology department sought to change how families were informed of at-home care practices.
  • Instead of being handed a binder to read when released from the hospital, a family would be given  a mobile augmented reality (AR) video game that allows a target audience of parents/caregivers and patients 12 years old and older to follow at-home patient care for cancer recovery.
Professional Mentors
Freedmen's Town HIstory AR Tour
  • In order to provide an insightful and interactive learning experience, Houston Freedmen's Town Conservancy sought to leverage new technology.
  • Through a mobile AR (augmented reality) application, visitors to Freedmen's Town can see and hear past historical photos, videos and insights within context to the physical space.
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Galveston History AR Ghost Tour
  • How best to encourage younger audiences to tour historical buildings in Galveston? 
  • Created by Ink Rose, the fictional story of Spectral Lakes is interwoven around real people and places of Galveston’s rich historical past. Visitors can unlock the paranormal augmented reality story hidden in the depths of Galveston history by visiting the Bishop’s Palace and the Elissa Tall Ship.

Proposal Visualizations

People form a first impression in a mere 50 milliseconds. An estimated 84% of communication is visual, thus presentations that include images produce 650% higher engagement than text-only presentations.

Using 3D visuals also plays an important role when Engineering firms or Architectural studios are submitting a proposal.  However, high level engineers are generally busy on already commissioned projects and they do not have the time to work with the Proposal team to build a simulation.

Our team can assist in creating effective 3D simulations to visualize a project so that it can wow the target client and win the bid.

VR & AR Training

Safety and job skills training with VR has been proven to improve learner recall accuracy, learning retention, and takes less time to train. Companies that employ VR for safety training have seen less safety incidents and qualitatively have noted that trainees actually enjoy the training.

Construction, healthcare, oil and gas, financial, retail, and restaurant industries are seeing financial benefits from less travel costs for skills and safety training, less time away from the workplace due to better hazard recognition and less injuries, as well as less OSHA and HIPPA compliance issues. Plus filling skilled labor gaps means more work gets done and that means higher revenue.

We build innovative training and educational products that transform workplaces and consumer experiences

Houston Exponential
Houston Exponential

Transform Learning & Development

Student internships
Video Game Development

Video games are not just for entertainment any more. In 2020, the FDA approved the first prescription video game for kids with ADHD. Our studio develops "serious-use" video games for educational and training purposes.

Create Livestream shows
Gamificiation & RESEARCH

Research shows four critical things are needed for any successful training experience, virtual or otherwise: realistic practice, spaced repetitions, contextualized scenarios, and critical feedback. We can assist you in developing actionable gamification tactics into your learning and training experiences.

Create Research
XR (VR/AR/MR) Development

3D visuals and experiences light up the human brain and provides greater volumetric awareness. We can help develop your 3D experience in virtual reality, augmented reality or mixed reality.

AI Showdown™

Coming Summer 2024

Hosted within The Cannon co-working West Houston center, the AI Showdown™ involves start-up founders and small business owners working with AI tools to create and run a digital media marketing campaign, all of which is featured in a documentary. Which business will win the top prize? 


Our studio offers a student mentorship program

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Professional Mentors
Paid work
Media & Technology

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